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Let's Talk Integrated!

Are you aware that in order to prepare your home for sale, you DO NOT need to hire all new furniture?

Many clients these days are utilising the option of Integrated Styling as a budget friendly and still effective way to upgrade their home prior to selling. 

The difference is that SSI can utilise your large items of furniture and integrate upgraded pieces such as artwork, bedding, rugs and soft furnishings to really maximise the homes potential. 



All packages provided are for a four week sale period and extensions are available if required. 

Integrated Styling is ideal if.........


You're On A Tight Budget.

Who doesn't love to save some money? This way, you still get an updated property for sale but you didn't have to break the bank. 


You Have The Base Furniture

Some sellers already have good furniture. In this case all you might require is more colour, updated decor, new soft furnishings and artwork. 


You Don't Have Anywhere To Store Your Current Pieces.

By replacing all the current furniture, means you will have to move your own items somewhere for the duration of the sale.